X a t h a X

e x p e r i m e n t a l  |  t e c h n o

Embarking on a sonic voyage mirrors life's journey—avant-garde experimental techno, a realm where intricate algorithms intertwine with synthesized melodies, birthing creations that defy electronic norms. This journey echoes our existence—a mysterious landscape adorned with ethereal pulses, each beat representing life's complexity and depth.

Amidst this sonic exploration lies a valuable lesson akin to life's philosophy: resilience is key. It's a reminder to continually improve ourselves, much like the evolving melody within the music. Life becomes an immersive experience when we let this music accompany our daily routines, serving as a temporary escape from life's hustle, offering a momentary detachment and a serene escape into artistic expression and self-reflection.

Older recordings available on bandcamp/streaming services. Recent recordings are on YouTube and the above stream only