X a t h a X

e x p e r i m e n t a l  |  t e c h n o


Squatting in the SL district's derelict celestial outpost, SS San Francisco, XathaX, the auditory architect, navigates a sonic, apocalyptic experimental technological saga. Here, amidst corroded algorithms and synthesized dissonance, emerges a cacophony that defies the very fabric of electronic norms.

This quasi-melodic plunge mimics life's journey through a wasteland, where each beat resembles the haunting complexity and depth of existence. Amidst this dystopian expedition, a stark revelation emerges: resilience remains the last bastion. It's a chilling reminder to adapt relentlessly, mirroring the evolving dissonance within the haunting symphony.

Bleakness finds companionship in this cosmic discord, offering a brief respite from the endless routine. It becomes a fleeting escape into a desolate transient solace amidst impending doom, echoing the final cadence of existence.

Older recordings available on bandcamp/streaming services. Recent recordings are on YouTube and the above stream only